The Performance Room

Alima Centre, Sefton Street
16th November 2006

Reviewed by Alicia Rose

The Tom Cartledge Band is an intelligent band, and they played to an appreciative audience at The Performance Room, Alima Centre, Sefton Street, proving they had arrived at a destination befitting their musical charisma.

As part of the TNT Night of Musical Excellence, Tom, George, Nick, Chris and Joseph (Tom Cartledge Band, pictured) were invited to the new live music venue with a stage large enough to enhance and withhold the quality they exuded. With songs like Anglesey and the bewitching words of ‘and this thing you don’t expect that opens up its elegance’, sung with a sensuous and dextrously strong voice, the quintet are favourites to go far up the musical ladder. Further rapturous tunes such as Change and Receipt, Seasonal Allergies, and The Starving End are all part of their collective on EP, The Common Cold.

The night was opened with alternative acoustic sets from Jo Bywater and Sam Kearney, backing vocal accompaniment came from Sam Leigh. Together this trio of girls gave insightful and soulful sounds. The Real Kicks took their stage by storm and powered a set that rocked just the way rock ‘n’ roll should be. Their stalwart army of fans shook their hips and shuffled feet to the throws of Karma Queen and English Rain, echoes of The Kinks and Yardbirds giving character and style to this up and coming group who have supported The Alarm and record with such greats as The Who.

Other music included the urban punk genre of Post War Wage Slaves, ska and breakbeats from DJ Jojopops and DJ Richard Brown, and the illusionary art of Daniel Halsall was exhibited for visual appreciation. Upstart Productions and Screen Scene were part of the TNT Sound and Visual crew.

All artists can be found on myspace together with more details of the venue, at:

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Comment left by Rave on 22nd November, 2006 at 22:38
Tom Cartledge band Rocks!! Especially that Chris...AKA "the Hot One"...

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