One Step Forward, One Step Back

(Anglican) Cathedral Church of Christ in Liverpool
7th April - 10th May 2008

Reviewed by Alison Cornmell

One Step Forward, One Step Back is the site-specific promenade piece brought to the Liverpool Anglican Cathedral by dreamthinkspeak, starting on 7 April and running until 10th May.

To describe One Step Forward, One Step Back as indescribable is probably the best description. It’s difficult to tell you about the production without giving too much away, but this is an exploration of the question ‘what is paradise?’ and where the paradise that we are looking for is. The production also asks us whether we are a consumerist culture that has lost sight of what is truly important.

To explore these questions, the already impressive and awe-inspiring Anglican Cathedral has been transformed into something truly spell-binding. Music, models, film, actors will take you on a journey through the Cathedral leading you to many parts previously unseen by the public. Performance vignettes, sinister characters and breathtaking scenery pave the weaving journey, right to the top of the cathedral where you have an amazing bird’s eye view of Liverpool.

One Step Forward, One Step Back, is an incredible production and a real highlight in Liverpool’s cultural year. To book your tickets please call 0844 8000 410 or visit

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