The Odd Couple

Written by Neil Simon, directed by Matthew Lloyd
10th December to 15th January
The Liverpool Playhouse

Review by Alice Lenkiewicz

If you haven't already done so then get yourself along to see The Odd Couple at the Liverpool Playhouse. I was not disappointed. The directors have got the New York, somewhat dodgy male divorcee along with the 1960s high-rise apartment down to a T. Not only this but it is funny. I couldn't help laughing throughout the performance. Felix's puritanical feelings of desperation, feelings of rejection and despair amidst his agonising process of divorce contrast vividly with Oscar's seemingly 'comfortable' and established divorced routine, along with his regular male gatherings of poker players, beer cans and untidy apartment.
However, once Oscar takes pity on Felix and allows him to stay with him we can only begin to wonder how this situation will unravel their true temperaments.

What we end up with is an honest account of what it is like to actually live with a person under the same roof over a lengthy period of time, proving that marriage is not the issue here but more the grim consequences of being too near to someone too often, something that both genders can relate to.

The play focuses on this conflict of personality while also celebrating the act of 'moving on'. We wonder if Felix will ever overcome his love for 'ex-wife' Francis and will Oscar ever 'settle down'. However, the play proves that not all is at it seems and conjures up some maybe not so surprising conclusions.
Well worth seeing!