Ocean's Twelve (12A)

Written by George Nolfi, Directed by Steven Soderbergh
On general release from 6th February 2005

Reviewed by Adam Ford

Following the success of Soderbergh’s 2001 star-spangled remake of ratpack flick Ocean’s Eleven, the logical step is to make a sequel. So here we are with another money-spinning cash-in that promises much but delivers precious little. With Clooney, Pitt, Damon, Mac and Roberts all returning, the only addition to the previous film comes in the (admittedly alluring) form of Catherine Zeta Jones. Perhaps a better idea might have been to come up with an interesting story.

It’s three and a half years on, and the gang members have all gone there separate ways. Casino owner Terry Benedict (Andy Garcia) - who had his money stolen in Eleven - is suddenly demanding his money back, plus interest. Yeah sure the insurance paid out, but he wants to make another couple of hundred million dollars. Stop asking questions. Problem is of course that they’ve all spent most of their share, so they have to get some more. Cue two hours of a cheesy seventies jazz soundtrack and a large-scale poker game with more twists than a pretzel but less excitement and tension than watching paint dry.

It’s not that the film is particularly bad; it’s just that behind all the big names and glossy production, it is essentially hollow. The characters might have some cool moves and expensive clothes, but that doesn’t make the casual viewer care either way whether they get all the money they need or end up on the wrong end of Benedict’s golf club. That all-star cast seemed to be having a great time, but that was just plain annoying because I really wasn’t.

A few of the funnier moments aside, Ocean's Twelve is nothing more than a formulaic caper, but it's also an easy payday for all concerned. The con is most definitely on.