A Brief History of Norris Green

By Vinny Timmins
Free, available from libraries and schools

Reviewed by Adam Ford

In this ringbound labour of love, Vinny Timmins has charted the history of Norris Green through its various stages of development. From its feudal origins under Hugh de Noreis (‘the Norseman’) through to tenants groups’ recent battles to upgrade draughty and decrepit housing, Timmins covers events with the genuine affection only a local can have for an area. By a resident of Norris Green for residents of Norris Green, it avoids all the clichés that local history books can fall into.

The 550 copies of the 22 page book were paid for with £3,000 grant from the Community Learning Chest, and will hopefully help create a sense of self-pride in an area that Timmins claims suffers from ‘self-defeatism’. In its simplicity, it should go a long way in stimulating young people’s interest in the history of their area, and it would be great to see more individuals and grassroots community groups produce their own histories of their respective towns.

For a free CD-ROM copy email: timminsvinny@hotmail.com