Nige’s Guide to Capital of Culture - Part 1

Unity Theatre
8th March 2008

Reviewed by Alison Cornmell

“I didn’t laugh once” – K. Luke
“I laughed out loud a few times like” – N. Rutherford

These were the comments from fellow theatregoers who, it would seem, had not just witnessed comedy genius.

Nige’s Guide to Capital of Culture tells the story of when Liverpool was named as one of the cities in the bid for Capital of Culture and how Nige singlehandedly won it for us!!

This was a strange mix of music, satire, role play, toilet jokes and schoolboy silliness, and there was a sense that I was waiting for it to go somewhere but it wouldn’t. It lacked structure and it is still very much in the development stages.

Nige as the eponymous character I thought would be the one in the limelight, however it was Nige’s faux theatre company ‘Get Your Act Together’ - who are all recovering substance abusers - that stole the show.

Personally I thought it was very funny but perhaps this was because I didn’t have to pay £12 for the privilege of seeing something that is still an unfinished product. We were very much the guinea pigs for this cultural exploration.

Next month Nige and Get Your Act Together present part two of their Guide to Capital of Culture. The chances of me having anyone to go with are doubtful but I think I’d like to join Nige again, and hear more of his heroic stories of how he has put Liverpool on the map.

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