Neil Campbell, Nicole Collarbone, Stuart Todd, Neil Campbell Collective

View 2 Gallery, Mathew Street
26th May 2006

Reviewed by Alicia Rose

There will always be a certain artist that stands heads above the crowd, and it is here, way above others, that you shall find Neil Campbell. This composer of mighty potential brings his music and lyrics alive with the accompaniment of Nicole Collarbone on electric cello.

The View Two Gallery recently hosted the launch of ‘FALL’, their outstanding epic album of beautiful and beguiling music. This collection arrives through the pairing of these two accomplished and dedicated musicians who together produce intensely graceful, enrapturing and at times sobering melodies. Campbell - who comes from Maghull - plays his classical and bass guitar with passion and ease. There is limited spoken word on this album, but when its is made use of, the vocals are strong and perfectly pitched. Neil enthuses that his music is ‘autumnal’ and thus a portrayal of this appears within its title.

To complement this man with further excellence is 23 year old Nicole Collarbone who found herself drawn to Liverpool and the Hope University in her search for finding a course in Performing Arts. Nicole has played classical cello for ten years and emits beauty and grace from every slide of string with great warmth and zest. Guesting on ‘November Song’ is singer/songwriter Stuart Todd, whom Campbell met whilst travelling on a train from Maghull to the city centre.

This intriguing ensemble portend about ‘belonging’ and ‘dancing on earth’. Both Campbell and Collarbone also progress with ‘The Neil Campbell Collective’, the full sized band who release their second album later this year.

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