Muki Paws

Chiyo Arae, Will Barras, Dan Blurton, Daniel Halsall
Polished T, Parr Street (11th-18th May 2006, 10:00-16:00)

Reviewed by Alicia Rose

Eccentric art still abounds in the back streets of Liverpool these pre Capital of Culture years. The newest show on the circuit is Muki Paws at the Polished T Gallery in Parr Street, off Wolstenholme Square. Featured artists arrive on the scene from corners of the world such as Tokyo, Wales, Lancashire and Birmingham. Although presenting all individual works in their own right, the artists’ common ground is an allegiance to the east.

Twenty-three-year-old Chiyo Arae was born in Tokyo, then moved from Japan to London to complete her degree in fashion and has acquired tabloid recognition for her catwalk offerings. To further her fold as artist, she now turns her hand to some fascinating media and in particular her pen and watercolour ‘Spring Storm’ perspective.

University graduate Will Barras has exhibited works around Europe and Japan, and his art proffers intrigue and mystery. There are sub-tonal depths of the dark side through use of mono-tint and scarce bright colour. His work evokes a charge of ‘cubism’ and there are political/environmental undercurrents flowing.

Dan Blurton is a Welsh artist whose work endeavours to be offset and totally original ‘off the wall’ stuff. Finally and most favourably advances Daniel Halsall, a 24-year-old Lancashire-based artist, whose offerings breathe an esoteric and ethereal quality quite rare for such youth. Stunningly beautiful bright colours are stylised with impish creations and nature in its most fascinating form. Daniel exudes a wealth of insight and a mood of ‘hope that is not yet lost’ in this series of visionary illustrations.

Muki Paws is an exhibition well worth exploring.

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