Mr and Mrs Smith (15)

Directed by Doug Liman, Written by Simon Kinberg
On general release from June 10th 2005

Reviewed by Colin Serjent

Yet another bone headed Hollywood movie full of wanton violence. After 9/11 it was naively predicted that these types of films would not be produced again. Alas......

Starring those 'Beautiful People' Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, director Doug Liman has clearly ripped off 'Prizzi's Honour', in which Jack Nicholson shacks up with Kathleen Turner, only to discover she is also a trained killer.

Every facet of the film is hackneyed - car chases, gee whiz technology, explosions, constant, constant, slaying of people.

The plot of this abomination can be described in two sentences, perhaps one too many. John and Jane - their names sound like something from a kid's book -marry each other, unaware of their real identity, then they are hired by their rival agencies to kill each other. They fail to do so after many a bloody attempt, then they live happily ever after....Yes, it's that pathetic.

Unless you are starstruck by Pitt and Jolie, give this film a wide berth.

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