Momentum Book Launch

Ye Cracke, Rice Street
3rd August 2006

Reviewed by Alicia Rose

Lazy summer evenings are the perfect opportunity for the gathering of friends and fellow artists. Impetus and motivation brings people to gather, especially if there is cause for celebration. Local writer and performer extraordinaire Amanda De Angeles was the reason for such merrymaking with the launch of her debut novel ‘Momentum’ being held at Ye Cracke pub, Rice Street.

There was a wonderful camaraderie ‘air’ of gaiety and gala as a quirky collective of punters trod the boards and feast on sarnies ‘n’ pizza. There was curious interest from the locals and indeed a good show of support from fellow musician friends who came and sang and made purchase of the aspirant’s novel, cordially signed for each individual. It took around ten months for De Angeles to write the 55,000 word, 23 chapter novel, bringing her newfound adventure and prospects, helping her to break away from previous writing tendencies of personal issues and life experiences. Amanda mused that it was an enjoyable passage as her characters came to life, and she loved reading and controlling where her story was going.

Amanda is now a self-published newcomer to the literary arena and she gives thanks to the support she received from the Inklings Group at the Central Library in Liverpool and especially Nicholas Handcock. Riding on a plausible wave of success of this written work, and under the umbrella of such influences as Oscar Wilde, Mary Shelley and Paulo Coelho, De Angeles says that she continues her ‘momentum’ with a sequel, ‘Reflection’. Her motto: ‘treading where angels fear’.

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