Microscopic Particles

Barbara Jones
Roald Dahl and Linda McCartney Centres, Royal Liverpool Hospital (Until 30th November 2007)

Reviewed by Alison Cornmell

I hate hospitals, especially the Royal Liverpool Hospital, so a voluntary trip to it would ordinarily be unheard of. But for the purposes of this review I had to go. As I got nearer the grim-brown building loomed over me. For a building whose sole purpose is to cure and rehabilitate it literally oozes phlegm, as I found my way to the entrance through the Lambert & Butler haze.

I found my way to the Roald Dahl centre to view Jones’ work. Her artwork is a contribution to an Extraordinary Journey, a Culture Company funded initiative. An Extraordinary Journey celebrates Liverpool’s history of health and well-being. Jones’ work focuses on the stimulation of the production of ‘good’ micro particles, by producing images showing this process in action.

Her swirling images grab you and sucked me in. I found myself staring intensely at the patterns, colours and shapes, losing myself in their scientific beauty. The images took me away from the grim hospital and allowed me to lose myself. And this was why I loved them. They were interesting, unpretentious and a perfect escape route from the hospital green walls and laminate floors, the constant reminders of the dismal building I am residing in.

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