Heart and Soul, Mount Pleasant
Wednesday 9th August, 2006

Reviewed by Alicia Rose

It was ‘another late night’ to be had at Heart and Soul this Wednesday gone with the continued offerings from Mellowtone, and all those who managed to attend were given a hothouse of musical exception. With animated intellectual Colonel Dave Owen as compere the night was off to a hilarious start with his original brand of sweeping lyrical satire. He’s a nutty professor of verse and the small throng were in hysterics from the outset. First to stand up was singer songwriter Sam Kearney (pictured) who shone brightly with her bold and songbird voice (that hinted of Tori Amos and Kate Bush), the petite 24 year old had her first guitar at 17 but didn’t start to play until she was 19 and then with gentle persuasion was pushed onto an open mic night and so her story continues. Jeff Jepson jumped up on board next, to give his refreshingly audible story through song. His voice is one of longing and longevity.

The epitome of beatitude ‘of appearance and voice’ came via Ragz and together with her accompaniment from Malcolm the pair gave a strikingly faultless performance. With their playing ‘sets’ such as they gave for Mellowtone, this acoustic siren and her beau have a fortuitous career ahead of them.

The Colonel continued to pull laughter and chuckles from the inspired mini-crowd and with oomph and gusto he propelled final act, Duncan Stuart onto stage. This young lad has loud and hearty vocals that are almost bigger than he and with a right hand force that could snap strings at ten paces he’s definitely one to watch out for. Stuart, 22 is part of Saint Sebastian a three piece band somewhere between folk and blues.

Feeling it also curteous to give a mention to the impressive DJ Jojopops who was sending out some fine and dandy tunes. Catch up with him further at

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