Made Up Wi Liverpool!

Ron Freethy
Countryside Books, paperback, £6.99

Reviewed by Colin Serjent

Made Up Wi Liverpool is an insightful and often humorous look at the distinctive character of Scouseland. As the author of the book Ron Freethy describes it, it is a salute to the scouse dialect:

‘Scouse-speak is like a butty, with the thick bread slices coming from Southport speech on one side and the equally posh Wirral utterings on the other.’

The book is divided up into generally short chapters, of which the headings include ‘Scouse humour’ – (‘It is one of the best features of this wonderful city’, Freethy believes); ‘Famous Scousers’ (the list could be endless, but to omit ‘Big Ron’ Atkinson is a crying shame!); ‘Glossy and Frazes’ – examples include ‘Scally: an untidy looking youth’ – this definition is very much off the mark.

One of the most impressive features of Liverpool is its buildings and statues. The book does not have the space to mention them all, but it is a major oversight by Freethy not to mention St. George’s Hall, despite it being built on the proceeds of the slave trade, and the majestic Walker Art Gallery.

All in all though, the book would be a welcome gift for any dyed-in-the-wool scouser.

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