Liz McBurny Exhibition

Unity Theatre, Hope Place
Tues 30th May - Sat 1st July 2006

Reviewed by Alicia Rose

The face of Liverpool is changing. Buildings are coming down, glass towers are rising, a new landscape is emerging. Embracing this kaleidoscope city is keen photographer Liz McBurney, who currently displays her considered submission of thirteen images on the first floor of the Unity Theatre, Hope Place.

McBurney’s photos are well presented - clean, clear, precise. They show everyday images of what you the local are seeing as you walk the outskirts and back streets of lively Liverpool, especially the Duke Street area. What do you see? Cranes versus buildings versus skyline. Composition of all photographs is fine and cutting, and Liz has managed to capture these ‘snapshots’ whilst the sky is at its very best, being a deep azure blue which can only add to what could otherwise be just another ordinary image.

There is a fair balance between black & white and colour, old buildings and new architecture, and use of a wonderful quote by the effervescent Isabella Rosselini. In the full exhibit there are three particularly cracking images that exude force, build and progression.

McBurney offers her art for sale, at a price and she can be contacted on It is worth having a meander around this exhibition, if not just for McBurney but also for the loveliness that is the Unity Theatre. Very child friendly, you might just find that you will want to return again.

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