Liverpool to New York: the only way to cross

Exhibition at the Merseyside Maritime Museum, Albert Dock
Runs until 14 August

Reviewed by Colin Serjent

You can relive the golden age of travel when you visit the 'Liverpool to New York' exhibition at the Merseyside Maritime Museum. Until the 1960s the only way to cross the Atlantic was by ship, and one of the main UK departure ports was Liverpool.

"The exhibition aims to bring this world to life by recreating a voyage day by day," said Dr Alan Scarth, curator at the Maritime Museum, "letting visitors experience each stage of the journey as the passengers and crew would have done." The exhibition includes original artefacts and equipment from some of the most luxurious liners, such as the Queen Mary and the Mauretania, as well as digital interactives and hands-on displays, to give visitors a taste of life on board.

"The sheer scale and audacity of the ocean liners is stunning to the airline generation," added Scarth. "If you never had the chance to experience the voyage yourself then this exhibition is the next best thing."