Chris Kearney of the AeroplanesLate & Live

The Tom Davis Band, Equador, The Aeroplanes
Baby Blue, Albert Dock
22nd June 2006

Reviewed by Alicia Rose

Unplugged live music is pleasingly saturating the city this summer, and now it firmly reaches the port side of Liverpool, with Late & Live taking place at Baby Blue at the Albert Dock every Thursday from 8pm. Compere for the night was Colonel David Owen (formerly of The Janitors), with his own brand of distinct acoustic entertainment and cheeky comedy. We bopped and swayed to The Tom Davis Band, an amiable ensemble of two male, two female, guitar, electric bass and vocals. Their merry boat-floating melodies and melancholy disposition were a gentle and light way to ease into the evening. They gave free badges to the crowd and CDs were on offer too.

The Colonel next introduced us to Equador with their lively and reverent style. The throng began to swell, doubling in number as the temperature and ambience heightened leading up to the headline act of the evening: The Aeroplanes. There were six on stage with three guitars, congas, jambe, violin, tambourine and backing vocals. There was high jinx, grit and meaningful expression, haunting strings from the violin and husk n gravel lead vocals from Christopher Kearney. Backing vocals were vibrant and there were catchy clapping sequences which drew huge appreciation from the captivated crowd.

The Aeroplane’s ability to supply tongue in cheek and quirky lyrics will always give the listening public something to relate to and remember. The band is usually four in number - made up of Kearney, Paul Crowe, Ian McMillan and Stuart Palethorpe - with a combined age of ninety-nine. Christopher and Stuart began their music careers at the milky age of twelve when they plied their trade around the Irish pubs in town. The four boys all went to school together, and with their continued dedication to their cause they’ve just finished their debut album - ‘The Aeroplanes’ - with a yet to be confirmed release date. Kearney explained ‘we called the band The Aeroplanes because I had a fear of them...I’ve overcome that now since having to jet off to America’. Their single ‘This is My Love’ reached No.5 in the indie charts.

Colonel Dave is back this Thursday 29th June when Baby Blue plays host to Tramp Attack, The Prelude, The Stawls and Mark Greville.

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