Ulf Langheinrich
FACT, Wood Street
20th September - 30th November 2008

Reviewed by Anthony Swords

Land is a stunning audio-visual experience currently showing at FACT. It is a welcome addition to the Biennial in my opinion, as it is a genuinely engaging experience unlike most conceptual art.

Langheinrich’s piece is a vast installation that combines 3D visuals with a pounding electronic soundtrack. The power of the piece lies in the uncertainty of what it is we are witnessing while the foreboding, all encompassing sound builds steadily in crescendo. While sat experiencing the piece the lad next to me turned to his mate and said "I feel like I’m having a bad trip!"

Land does not so much draw you in as grab you by the scruff of the neck and drag the viewer into it. Langheinrich skilfully uses ambiguity as his visuals, which could be cigarette smoke or clouds before changing into hypnotising television interference, allow the viewers’ imagination to wander. If you are able to withstand the strobe lighting and gut churning noise (meant in the best possible way) Land is a rewarding and engaging experience.

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