La Méditerranée

Brouhaha - One World One Stage
Unity Theatre
25th July 2006

Reviewed by Helen Grey

The first night of One World One Stage kicked off with a performance billed as 'a night of traditional music and dance from a range of Euro Med countries'. One World One Stage is a four-night festival held at the Unity Theatre, which offers the chance to experience music and dance from across the globe.

Unfortunately, the billed Irish group were unable to perform due to injury, but I’m just a little confused how Ireland became a ‘Euro Med’ country anyway. Despite the lack of the Irish, the dance groups from Tunisia, Turkey and Germany (apparently Berlin has the highest concentration of Turks outside of Turkey) delivered an entertaining evening. All three companies successfully merged traditional and contemporary movements and costumes to produce a vivid and gripping performance. The German/Turkish piece by Anatolia Dreams was particularly impressive. Six hooded figures emerged onto the stage dressed in full-length red cloaks, and performed traditional movements that were slow but considered. Seamlessly the music tempo was increased and the cloaks were discarded to reveal urban clothing – tight jeans and bare midriffs – that was complemented by the gyrating bottoms and wobbling bellies.

The event – which was well attended – is part of the Brouhaha International Street Festival that runs at venues throughout the city until August 5. For further information visit or pick up a free guide from the Unity.

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