'Killer Queens' - Mick Rock photography exhibition

The Mathew Street Gallery until 31 July

Reviewed by Colin Serjent

Having been heavily involved in music photography for several years, taking pictures of famous and not so famous musicians, this exhibition of the work of photographer Mick Rock at the Mathew Street Gallery held a special fascination for me.

Many of the artists featured were favourites of mine at one time or another, notably Lou Reed, who I saw twice at the Liverpool Empire during the 1980s.

There is a lot of emphasis in the exhibition on certain artists, including seven photographs of Syd Barrett, who I have always considered to be vastly overrated - I will play the devil's advocate with Floyd heads when I ask, what lasting influence has he actually had on the music/rock scene?

But on a more positive note, there are some eye-catching images of David Bowie, including some with Mick Ronson, the guitarist who played such an important role in his success.

Queen are also heavily featured, along with Reed, including a photograph of him with Velvet Underground founder Andy Warhol, and another with him sitting, drinking at a table at a music reception, with Bowie and Jagger.

Other famous names photographed by Rock are Iggy Pop, Mick Jagger, Johnny Rotten, Bob Marley, Debbie Harry. Ray Davies and writer Truman Capote.
The most contemporary musicians included in the exhibition is a black & white photograph of the New York rock band, the Yeah!, Yeah!, Yeahs!

Many of the images shown in this exhibition are included in a compilation of Rock's photographs, 'Blood and Glitter' which is available at the gallery, priced £15.