James PagellaKif7

James Pagella & Pete Dickinson
The Kif Gallery, 23a Parr Street, L1, 28th June - 30th July 2005

Reviewed by Colin Serjent

There is a fascinating collection of art work by James Pagella and Pete Dickinson in the current exhibition at the Kif Gallery on Parr Street.

Pagella spoke to me about some of his paintings, all of which have been produced this year. "'Music' is influenced by the fact that i am a drummer," he said. " I think it reflects the enjoyment I get from playing the drums."

Pete DickinsonHe has been heavily influenced by Indian art, colour wise, and this is seen in 'Blue Owl', which has a Japanese feel to it, notably the image of the rising sun.

Having been influenced to sail by his father, Pagella likes the idea of incorporating concepts of sailing, aviation and space flight in some of his work, including 'Tabletop' which is included in Kif7.

Other works by Pagella include the Mexican influenced 'Day of the Dead', which has a warm feel to it, 'Smoking Bird' which is Egyptian influenced, and 'Kif Charm'. The latter work was originally intended to be attached to the front gates of the Kif but could have ended up being daubed over by graffiti artists.

DomozoneDickinson's work features meticulous hand paintings, which are striking and graphic, particualry 'Electric Chair'

Accompanying their work at the Kif are a series of photographs by Domozone taken in Kashmir called 'Kashmiri Reflections'. I particularly liked the four images of reflections on the surface of a river.

Kif7 finishes on Saturday 30th July. In the evening at the Kif there will be a closing celebration of the exhibition (10.00pm to late).

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