Claire Weetman’s ‘Investigations’

Arena House, Duke Street, 21st August - 4th September

Reviewed by E. Hughes

Having read Claire’s reasons for her artwork, ideas and subsequent exhibition, I can’t say I am overly impressed with the work on show. The idea is that the artist had placed various paper windbreaks around Liverpool, which look like the things ‘workies’ put around holes in the road, and then recorded the sounds around them as it occurred.

Artistically, there are some interesting themes here, and there are photographs on the wall of where the artist set up her ‘windbreakers’ around Liverpool, and even a map of Liverpool with little flags showing exactly where in the city each ‘happening’ took place.

The pieces themselves are part of the exhibition and are covered in curious childlike, even prehistoric, scribble inside them.

I feel that, sometimes, an original idea sounds good, but that once realised, it somehow corrupts and becomes just another ‘arty concept’, of which so many people have little real interest in. One guy says that, after some negative comments, the exhibition is inspiring; the use of space, material and the way she has picked the places to display her work around the city. He says: “I like it, it’s 21st century” and who am I to argue with that?