Inspired by Rizla

Andy Earl
Microzine, 65-67 Bold St (from 22nd June 2006)

Reviewed by Alicia Rose

In probably the smallest art space available in Liverpool (blink and you might miss it) hangs the best and most comprehensive catch of popular ‘band’ photographs. The artists portrayed from both past and present are intertwined with written referral and quotes as to their personal inspirations.

Photographed by Andy Earl - the prolific ‘muso’ photographer who has snapped stars like Madonna, Prince and Robbie Williams - and in conjunction with the current conceptual idea from Rizla brings you ‘Inspired By’. This weeny ‘off shoot’ exhibition (the root show is at The Exhibition Gallery) is now showing at Microzine, 65 - 67 Bold St, entrance is free and opening times are: 10am - 6pm Mon-Fri, 12pm - 5pm Saturday.

The images make great viewing, there are fourteen in all (alas thirteen actually as ‘Hard-Fi’ have been pinched off the wall) and they all emit that star presence and attitude you get from musicians, albeit these seem a little bit cold and hard. Flashes of colour, reds blues and yellows bring a snatch of warm cohesive quality to this set. One of the best inspirations comes from Faithless, who are inspired by Buddhism, quote: ‘Buddhism predominantly promotes that every individual life has a power and force and this at best is to be respected and protected’. Well worth a visit.

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