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PasQuale Napolitano
International Gallery, 34a Slater Street
Til 30th June

Reviewed by Minna Alanko

The exhibition shows three series of works, of which Verano (Spanish for vegetation) is the most significant. It consists of small mixed media images, using graphic design, enamel paint and thread. The different media create a dialogue between two contrasts, highly detailed graphic design and thick blotches of cream-coloured paint.

Extracts from VeranoThe intricate, computerised images, created by keyboard commands, are somewhat off-dimensional, but they gain perspective from the physical interruptions of paint. Thread weaves the two together. At a glance you could be looking at maps. But these are details of vegetation, of the web of a map on the petal, leaf and stem.

The Amore del Tropico (tropical love) series presents contrasting images without immediate connections. The pictures create an instant compromise of conception. Yet everything is detailed, thoughts frozen for display. Is this the artist’s sexual frustration, subject to intense analysis? PasQuale’s images are not straightforward, but neither are they closed to interpretation. They are like a language, you can learn it as you listen to it. You hear the essence, even though at times it is a mere whisper.

For more information, contact the exhibition curator: laura.galloppo@libero.it

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