St. Brides's ChurchIn An Ideal World

St Bride's Church, Percy Street
20th September to 30th October 2008, Wed – Sun 12pm - 5pm

Reviewed by Colin Serjent

This exhibition, staged by TAG (Toxteth Art Group) at St Bride’s - 'The White Church' - includes the work of over twenty-five mainly Merseyside-based artists. Curator of the show Alice Lenkiewicz asked them to depict their view of an ideal world.

I particularly liked the comments of two of the artists in the exhibition catalogue in regard to this.

Raymond Watson said "In an ideal world, I wouldn't feel compelled to make this art because I wouldn't have to."

"The ideal world is all around us,” commented Arthur Roberts, "we just can't see it."

Some examples of the artwork left me baffled as to whether the artists involved had interpreted the term in an ideal world in any meaningful way, but maybe I just missed the point of what they were trying to express.

Art mediums used - surprisingly only one photographer was involved - include video, pencil on canvas, oil on canvas, mixed media, sugarlift etching, and acrylic and resin on paper.

My only quibble with the venue was the poor lighting in the upper part of the church where most of the artwork is shown, but perhaps that was because it was an overcast day when I visited the exhibition.

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