Hip Hop Nation

Brouhaha - One World One Stage
Unity Theatre
26th July 2006

Reviewed by Helen Grey

The second offering from One World One Stage – a showcase of dance from around the world – was Hip Hop Nation. The first three acts – Shockout, Digabeat and Extension – all originate from Liverpool and all illustrate the strength of the talent that is emerging from the city. Each group preformed their own interpretation of modern street dance to a contemporary sound track spanning from Les Rythmes Digitales to Outkast. The moves of all three acts were highly energetic and slick and received a warm reception from the sell out audience. The girls from Shockout are worthy of an individual mention as they effortlessly performed aggressive and complicated moves in two inch high heels.

The second half of the evening welcomed groups from around the world. Portugal's Ecludirazul fused drumming and dance. You may wonder how much movement a person can have while vigorously playing a variety of large drums. Well the answer is quite a lot actually. They exuded a party atmosphere and looked incredibly happy to be performing. The last group on stage – and I apologise for using the cliche – were most definitely not least. MD Company from Martinique exploded onto the stage and showed off their incredible talent for break dancing. At times it really did look they were defying gravity. All I have to say about them is they are very very cool and you must check them out if you get the opportunity.

The event is part of the Brouhaha International Street Festival that runs at venues throughout the city until August 5. For further information visit www.brouhaha.uk.com or pick up a free guide from the Unity.

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