The Higher Realm

James Friel
Ilura Press, paperback, £9.99

Reviewed by Amanda DeAngeles

This is a guessing game of a book from start to finish! Its plot plays on common fears. Dialogue has a light northern flavour. Suspense is held in all of its fast-turning pages. Some of the narrative is as horrible as it should be, but no more, and therefore will not appeal to obsessive, blood-lusting ghouls among you!

Could the jovial, neighbourhood barbecue crew be hiding individual dark secrets? Friel - through the eyes of his protagonist Sidney Chisholm - examines the psychological traits of the bully and the victim, he refers to modern intrinsic necessities (well, to some people at least) of chatlines and live TV talk shows airing dirty laundry, and he alludes to the expectations we have of our patriarchs.

Are this writer’s eccentric characters merely that? What happened and who done it? I’m not telling!

A read to grip.

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Comment left by Sid Bonkers on 19th June, 2008 at 22:39
Er, the venue's called Philharmonic Hall, or Liverpool Philharmonic Hall. It's not Royal - unlike the orchestra that play there

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