London Community Gospel Choir

Philharmonic Hall
Friday 30 April

Reviewed by Lesley Fraser

Renowned for their passion and energy, this gospel choir certainly knows how to get their audience dancing in the aisles! Surprisingly the main hall at the Phil was not even half full but this did not deter the choir from giving their best to us.

The first half of the performance was an interesting combination of jazz and gospel that the choir have been experimenting with since December. It was slightly confusing at first but the level of commitment to the music that they perform really shined through, making this unique blend of music genres work amazingly well together.

The choir performed traditional gospel in the closing half which was very well received by the audience, every person in the hall was dancing, clapping and singing, trying to squeeze more and more out of the choir who finally gave in to two encores.

Experience the exhilaration and vigour of the London Community Gospel Choir for yourself at the Newbury Spring Festival on 18 May.