Front Window

Planning a Trifle
Unity Theatre
17th March 2006

Reviewed by Helen Grey

The word ‘delightful’ is banded about far too lightly these days. People use it to describe anything from a good cup of coffee to an episode of Eastenders. But ‘Front Window’ mightily deserves the label as is it most definitely one of the most delightful shows I have ever had the pleasure of witnessing. The 25 minute production was inspired by Hitchcock and the public’s incurable curiosity to know what is happening in other people’s homes. The show had no visible actors on stage, instead the action was delivered through a collection of puppets – each one housed in their own window. The show encapsulated humour and stunning visual effects that cumulated in a professional and highly entertaining performance; I didn’t stop smiling throughout.

The company billed their production as ‘work in progress’, but this did not come across. Remarkably, none of the four members have been trained in puppetry and they say ‘Front Window’ was an experiment with the form. The company is far from inexperienced however – they have been friends for eighteen years. Among their members is Ashley Sharp - who is a theatre designer and leads the Theatre and Performance Design course at LIPA - and Andy Heath, who is a Senior Research Fellow at Liverpool University and creates software and 3D visual models.

Keep an eye out for this company who will hopefully continue to produce truly original and delightful works.

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