Hoipolloi in association with Hugh Hughes Productions
Liverpool Everyman (12th-16th June 2007)

Reviewed by Colin Serjent

The Liverpool Everyman ended its current season with a quirky production, created and performed by Hugh Hughes and Sioned Rowlands from the Hoipolloi company.

It was very childlike in its execution, with at times rudimentary acting by the two participants, assisted by very basic props on stage, including a power point, flip charts, films, photographs and a bowl of water, which symbolised the Atlantic Ocean!

Floating was the story, unreal of course, of the time, on April 1 1982, when the isle of Anglesey, following an earthquake, broke off from the Menai Bridge, connecting it to the mainland of Wales, and floated off, with all its inhabitants still on board, before arriving in the Arctic Circle.

The island then returned to the coasts off Scotland before leapfrogging over the Isle of Man and arriving back to its former location.

Suspension of disbelief is highly necessary to enjoy the production, which is why I strongly believe it would appeal greatly to children.

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