Pacitti Company and Bluecoat Arts Centre
with Roger Hill and Gaynor Evelyn Sweeney

4th - 6th December 2003
Reservoir, High Park Street, Liverpool.

Finale, a strange and provocative live performance, in December 2003.
This unnerving and profound experience is a re-contextualisation of the work ’Thérèse Raquin’ by Emile Zola, touching on the fundamentals of the human condition, politics of gender and the human body.

Finale was conceived by the Pacitti Company and performed by Robert Pacitti, Richard Eton and Sheila Ghelani. The contextualisation of this performance was personalized to the temporal and spatial implications of the city it venued, from Nottingham, Birmingham, Rio de Janeiro and Liverpool, by collaborating with artists based in the different cultures.

In Liverpool, Gaynor Evelyn Sweeney and Roger Hill, fused their performances with Finale. Thus, Finale is an innovative and universal exploration of artistic and socio-cultural structures, including the fundamentals of the human psyche.

The conceptualisations manifested a face being silver leafed, a male figure consumed by a suffocating exploding refuse bag and a female in black tie and shirt, undressing and preparing her body for self-embalming, the odour smell of lavender from her ointments permeating the air. A dark figure skinned in rubber pervades the shadows with scalpel and surgical dish collecting raw liver to feed to maggots. A naked female demanding a cacophony to which she precariously steps through a maze of bricks along tables, formed and rotated forward by two males extending the labyrinth. These clandestine visualizations are mental embodiments of human thoughts, dreams and fears.

Finale is a place where your senses are absorbed in a live performance you will not forget or escape, as it touches on those notions we try to suppress on awaking.