Once and For All

New album by Felix Ngindu and Muzika World

Reviewed by Alicia Rose

Joyful freedom of expression and unmistakable natural groove of music is what your acoustic sense of sound will appreciate via Felix Ngindu and Muzika World in their self produced smart debut album, ‘Once And For All’.

This is a celebratory and embracing form of contemporary upbeat ‘hip swinging’ collective in a mix of native African, English and French sung word. It will lift your spirit and has great reason for ‘being’ and having humility. Twelve tracks will take you through a party séance and ensure you get your feet tapping and body swaying. Through this music, the ultimate quest is to stop ‘war, poverty and war’, Ngindu states, ‘once and for all, let us make a decision and try’.

Chester based African/French Felix is an accomplished performer with inspiration and genuine positivity, and the encouragement emitted by he and his band will make you feel included in song and life.

For details of how to get your hands on the CD email: ngindufelix@yahoo.fr

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