Eyes, Lies & Stories

Savinder Bual, Karen Logan, Karen McLeod, Jamie Moakes, Alix Poscharsky, and Brychan Tudor
11 Wolstenholme Square (10th-26th August 2007, Thu-Sun, 12pm-6pm)

Reviewed by Desmond Fitzpatrick

I like art but I don’t really know what it is, I mean what is the the difference between high and low? What’s old and what’s new or now or nouveaux as the case may be with these finer words for the finer things?

Liverpool loves art but I’m sure it’s as naive as me when it comes to understanding it. The city shows the uncontrolled excitement of a toddler full of cake and Fanta at a birthday party.

Artists come from across the globe to grab this city by the arms like estranged uncles and aunts and swing it in circles dizzy and giddy, until 'enough!' say those powers that be, the financiers and organisers, the authorities and the local this and that; 'Liverpool, its time for your nap. The Biennial has worn you out and it’s almost time for the 2008 clowns'.

But Liverpool has always been a naughty child that stayed up late and blew raspberries at convention. Representing this, Wolstenholme Projects presents the most refreshing, down to earth, damp and dilapidated scenery for an ensemble of performance pieces, which will either give you a renewed appreciation for art on a basic level of creative exhibition or make you appreciate that Liverpool still can and will host such scenes in such scenery post festival fervour.

Eyes Lies & Stories is a scaled down circus of the imagination, it provokes accepted artistic norms and goes against the grain of what for me is social tunnel vision. Where 'cutting out that art palaver' because the Premier League is on goes as unchallenged as stuffing your scarf in the back of your wardrobe at the first sight of spring as a child, or more fashionably now wearing one at the height of summer in Korova around midnight.

I haven’t mentioned much about the artists because visit Wolstenholme Square and their work will do that for me, and I haven’t mentioned much of their work because as I said I like art but I don’t really know what it is but like Liverpool I love when it's there.

I will however make special mention to a featured performer Alix Poscharsky who I tip to be the next big Young British Artist, she taught me not every Young British Artist has to be British or young.

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Comment left by Maximus on 16th August, 2007 at 23:56
Christ almighty, you certainly can waffle on about a subject that you obviously know nothing about,that's the sign of a great journalist! Keep up the good work. P.S Emma passed her leaving? I know! I'm as shocked as you!

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