Exiled (15)

Directed by Johnny To, Written by Kam-Yuen Szeto and Tin-Shing Yip
Screening at FACT from 6th-9th July 2007

Reviewed by Colin Serjent

It was a major misjudgement of mine in attending this no-brainer of a gangster movie set in Macau, a little island off the coast of Hong Kong.

It has a nonsensical plot aided and abetted by poor acting, inane dialogue and less than inspired cinematography.

For the record, the film opens with two hitmen arriving at a house to kill someone. He is not there so they wait outside...have no fear, it gets worse.

Two more hitmen then turn up to stop this guy being slain - It transpire that all five of them were former members of a gang.

The house owner turns up which leads to a comic book sequence of shots being fired by the four hitmen. No one gets hurt and they agree on a 24-hour truce to enable their target to enact a robbery that will lead to him making lots of money.

More prolonged shooting sequences take place throughout the rest of the film but I can't explain why and who were the good guys and bad guys!!

Apparently the cast is an all-star gallery of Hong Kong character actors. But they wasted their so-called talents in this piece of trash.

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