Eric Orme

Unity Theatre, Hope Place
28th February - 1st April 2006 (during opening hours)

Reviewed by Kenn Taylor

The latest art exhibition in the Unity is a collection of works by Eric Orme. There is a large selection of his art on show of varying shapes and sizes though most are paintings onto a variety of media, including good old canvas on occasion.

I would describe the work as abstract or expressionistic; essentially they are based around couler, texture and shape rather than form or content. He uses a selection of earthy and dark colours; browns, blacks and blues and contrasts them with a large amount of white. The most thought seems to be given to the textures of the work, with the focus of the art based round the blobs, lines and crosses that rise out of often flat and worn backgrounds. ‘Lid 1’ and ‘Lid 2’ follow this scheme but in an interesting use of recycling they are painted on large, used envelopes.

The pictures on show are to an extent visually stimulating but the large number of works varies little and seems to offer little in either visual interest or anything else beyond inoffensive background decoration.

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