Simon MacBryde - Saturday SunElements

Presented by Collidoscope Art Group
Liverpool Academy of Arts, Seel Street
14th - 24th March 2006

Reviewed by Helen Grey

The calendar may say March but the weather is a bit confused and is bringing us the snow we wanted for Christmas. If you are feeling the chill, take a trip to the Liverpool Academy of Arts and warm yourself on the works of the Collidoscope Art Group. This is the second show to be exhibited at the academy by the group that was formed in 2005 by eleven North West artists. The collection contains various works based around the theme of the elements; earth, air, fire and water. Each artist has interpreted this brief differently. Some have shaped pleasing landscapes with watercolours while others have produced abstract pieces with mixed mediums.

All the art displayed on the raised stage area is extremely strong. Marie McGowen’s ‘Climate Change’ is an abstract piece that beautifully combines icy white, aquatic blue and blood red acrylic to produce an intense piece of work, which not only looks good but hints too at an environmental message. Dominating the back wall is the stunning ‘Saturday Sun’ by Simon MacBryde. The vivid orange and yellow brings warmth and comfort and provides a feast for the eyes. MacBryde’s abstract work is inspired by the Futurist movement – that of creation and action - and his piece oozes with movement of a sunset or rise.

‘Colour therapists’ can charge up to £250 for a forty minute session. Maybe some people could invest £350 and take home their own piece of colour therapy in ‘Saturday Sun’. Or you could visit the Academy of Arts for free until March 24th and put a little colour in your life.

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