The Edge Of Love (15)

Directed by John Maybury
Written by Sharman Macdonald
Screening at FACT from 4th July 2008

Reviewed by Amanda DeAngeles

Tonight I finally went to see The Edge of Love at FACT cinema and I walked out halfway through! If you enjoy watching the ‘glamour’ of World War Two, or rambunctious creative types who are sensitive with words - but not with actions - you'll love it.

I really disliked the clichéd film tricks. It's a pity really, because I am a fan of the poetry of Dylan Thomas. A single highlight was Graham (Suggs) McPherson, who played a crooner (moment ruined by a bomb blast).

Starring the usual pretty faces of Cillian Murphy and Keira Knightley, as well as Matthew Rhys (as Dylan Thomas) and Sienna Miller, yawn, why am I bothering? It was big old pants (at least, the bit I watched).

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