Drum and Basin

Coach Shed, 67 Greenland Street
20th February – 20th April 2008

Reviewed by John Owen

Although occurring in early spring this exhibition was the most attractive to me as art goes of the current independents not just because I haven’t left my teen or anal and oral phase or am twisted in my Oedipal rut. Why? Why? Why? Not just because one of the peeps there was an old buddy/acquaintance of skateboarding legendary status an exponent of DIY boards made from your sister’s roller boots and mum’s knicker elastic on a plank (sorry I just threw that in to sex it up).

But Simparch as it was called is the place or was the gaff to “hang out” if you swung to the left or the right or you went alfresco or even if you voted Green, the coolest and most radical of the art gallery soirées I ventured into as part of the 08 binge grab some air now!

The simplicity inherent in the concept of this fun installation was its pure architectural functionality, line and curve to a vanishing point smooth surfaces barreling out as the practical and utilitarian use was appreciated by kids and not so kids like me. Wahay! Flipflop!

For me nostalgia lived again as I grabbed some loose and scruffy duds...what dyer mean I always dress that way? I made some noise because with the Beach Boys in my ears I was ready to serf surf and serve Charlies don’t cha know?


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