Maurice Agis
Metropolitan Cathedral, Mount Pleasant
16th June - 16th July 2006, open daily from 12noon to 7pm
Admission: Adults £5, Children, Concessions and Groups £3

Reviewed by Alicia Rose

Ever thought about what colour really is? Ever lost yourself in the absorption of colour? You’re probably already aware that colour has a profound effect on us on all levels, be it physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual. Our world is full of colour. It dominates our lives, we use it to see if fruit is ripe enough to eat, we use it when choosing what handbag goes with what shoes, we use it for comfort, as a point of sale, as a statement. Colour affects our moods; blue is seen as calming, red is hot and vibrant. We use and experience colour every single day of our lives and mostly this is done without even appreciating it.

Until Sunday 16th July, a welcoming colourful spatial experience is offered via Dreamspace. This aptly titled break from reality is an innovative arrangement of colour that has travelled all the way from China and is currently delighting crowds here in Liverpool city centre. Designed by the artist Maurice Agis, it is a construction of chambers and corridors made from a vinyl PVC fabric. It weighs more than two and a half tonnes, took five people two weeks to glue together and when it arrived on site it took another 8-10 people to erect.

This magnificent and alluring attraction is part of the Brouhaha International Street Festival, which is committed to developing and producing a range of diverse works for communities to celebrate and this it has achieved with great success. Dreamspace is a wonderland of different wavelengths and frequencies, and as you wander and roam you feel absorbed into the light, life, energy and stillness of this conceptual myriad of colour. From outside, the subtle winds and air temperature bring breath and life into what can only be described as a huge tent, and as you walk amidst the ever changing rays of luminosity you capture a sense of it breathing with you. There are possibilities of feeling, resonant changes and shifts of the mind as you float through the spectrum of the rainbow. The experience is a truly striking, intriguing and awakening venture into the awe and intensity that is colour.

For more information on Brouhaha:
Email: info@brouhaha.uk.com
Website: www.brouhaha.uk.com
Telephone: +44(0)151 709 3334

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