Claire McCarthy

33-45 Parr Street (until the end of February 2008)

Reviewed by John Owen

After a haul up the stairs you are rewarded with a view of the works of Claire McCarthy, this was a Turneresque dream; heavenly dream cloud visions of colourful Liverpool grabbed my attention.

The streets and buildings go by in a quick glance as if she’s captured the mood, pace and energy of the pool of life, even Jung’s head would be consciously turned.

At first the district seems indistinct, the all pervading feel of motion the heady whorl of Saturday night captured like a instamatic camera snapshot, funfair rides in Blackpool, the sweeping colours roll over your eyes. The streets could be here Barcelona or Argentina in the 1930s.

The feeling you get mixing with the picture, the interactive side of viewing the blink eye visions, give you a kind of travelling along sensation. Maybe you’re riding a donkey and they’re moving or high speed train. The idea of lived-in space in change and motion, although I could see the point: she has made a certain cake-like perfection recreated the city in front of me a confection like a box of chocolates, you never know which one you’ll pick. The past and future rolled up into the present lived experience, catch it while you can and these pictures too!

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Comment left by joseph mccarthy on 7th September, 2008 at 16:31
i am one of claire's brothers. knowing the time and hard work claire has put into this picture and many others i think it is a good and honest review.

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