City Centre Celebrations

Queens Square, Williamson Square and Mathew Street
3rd August 2006 (and every Thursday in August)

Reviewed by Helen Grey

Liverpool city centre came alive to promote the launch of late night opening every Thursday throughout the year. The Liverpool Business Improvement District and Brouhaha International Street Festival joined forces to stage the show at key locations throughout the city centre.

As well as the static events, the evening also boasted a parade from Mathew Street to Williamson Square, though I have to admit I didn’t catch any of it as I camped out in Matthew Street to watch the wealth of talents on show there.

I had seen many of the artists before at the One World One Stage shows hosted by the Unity Theatre earlier in the Brouhaha Festival, but they still managed to capture my attention for an hour and a half. Among the groups performing were DigaBeat from Liverpool, Al Assala from Tunisa and Officina Pulcinella Street Theatre Project form Italy. Kosman Ti Dalon are worth a special mention as they introduced material that they hadn’t used in the Unity Theatre. Three members displayed traditional dance fighting to the accompaniment of some serious drumming. The men performing the dance/fight routine were tremendously talented. I would not be surprised if they picked up several injuries during training.

The event is part of the Brouhaha International Street Festival that runs at venues throughout the city until August 5th. For further information visit or pick up a free guide from the Unity.

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