Chicken Little (U)

Directed by Mark Dindal
Written by Robert L. Baird, Steve Bencich, Ron Friedman, Dan Gerson

Reviewed by Lucia Lenkiewicz, Jade Wenton and Kayleigh Hatch

Lucia Lenkiewicz (Age 7)

I think it is very good and describing. I think they should all be chickens except the aliens. It was about a little chicken and no one believed the chicken when he saw the aliens. The aliens were after the little baby alien. In the end the baby alien got back to its parents. I think that it was very good and thank you.

Jade Wenton (Age 10)

I think it was very good. It was about a little chicken who said things but no one believed the chicken. In the end his friend believed the chicken and then the dad believed the chicken as well. They saw this green eyed creature and saved it and took it to his parents. The creature’s dad shouted at the chicken and said, “Why did you steal my child creature?” Then the mum creature said, “Leave him alone, he saved him.” The dad creature said, “I’m sorry for shouting at you and a man said the sky was falling down like what the chicken said but no one believed him but it never fell and then they all got on and believed what the chicken said.

Kayleigh Hatch (Age 7)

When I went to see Chicken Little I felt bored but after a while I liked the show and I was happy. I liked the bit when the pig fell down from the hole and it got stuck.

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