Charlotte's Web

Watershed Productions
Liverpool Playhouse (18th-22nd March 2008)

Reviewed by Alice Lenkiewicz and Lucia Morrill


I went to see this production with my nine year old daughter, Lucia. I wasn’t sure if it would be slightly too young for her as nine year olds these days tend to be ahead of their years so I was a bit worried she may become bored halfway through and ask to leave which she does sometimes do if she loses interest. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that she was involved with the production throughout.

I thought the play was beautifully presented and cleverly thought out. The animals were played humorously and with lots of character by adults in fabulous costumes. Charlotte’s was magnificent. The scenery was colourful. I remember a gasp of awe from the little ones when the lights went up to reveal the fairground scene towards the end.

The play seemed to focus on two very important aspects of relationships, friendship and loyalty which the children of the audience seemed to understand as they laughed and cheered throughout the performance.

Lucia (age 9)

Charlotte’s web play was all about character and to me character is everything. All through, I have seen scenes that are 3d realistic and lifelike. The play was a funny comedy that was brilliant.

My favourite character was Wilber. Mainly he was a main character but also what a play needs. If I had to change anything it would be more scenes like the movie even though it was great and very exciting to little ones, even to adults but it was still funny for people who don’t have a sense of humour like me.

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