Written and Directed by Daniel Kitson
Everyman Theatre (1st-3rd March 2007)

Reviewed by Colin Serjent

After attending a number of sparkling productions at the Playhouse and Everyman since the start of the Spring and Summer programme, this play was in contrast a damp squib.

The 65 minutes of the monologue performed by Daniel Kitson - who also wrote and directed it - seemed to last much longer. My friend sitting next to me fell asleep around about the half hour mark - she was the lucky one!

Rated by some as one of Britain's stand-up comedians - to be honest I had never heard of him before - he gabbled on about someone called Henry who works in a room stacked full of compilation cassette tapes - hence the title of the play - which he had never listened to but instead had logged and filed them day by day. Who knows why he did this?

With the back of the stage filled with stacks of shelves housing the tapes, he also prattled on about a lollipop lady called Mollie, who apparently had saved a number of children while doing her job.

C90 could be construed as bizarre, offbeat or strange. To me it was none of these - it was just puerile.

It won Kitson a Fringe First Award and The Stage Award for Best Solo Performance at last year's Edinburgh Festival. There is no accounting for taste!

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Comment left by Joseph Kenny on 18th May, 2007 at 9:04
That was nothing more than a self-aggrandizing shrug. There was absolutely no thought put into that review- you managed to conjure up an adjective, that does not constitute a critique.

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