Artwork for Mugstar 7" singleBurn Exhibition

Microzine, 65-67 Bold Street
24th April – 1st June 2007

Reviewed by Helen Grey

Time is a most precious commodity in the modern era. As a nation we do not want to waste a single second of it, so make way for the multi purpose store. Take for example the coffee shop within a bookshop. Now you can grab that new Jackie Collins best seller and be drinking your skinny latte before you can say trashy novel.

Microzine is another such phenomenon. Hailed as best man’s store in the world by the Times newspaper (according to their website), the shop offers all that the modern man could want. This ranges from exclusive clothes and gadgets to a cooling beer after a hard day’s shop in their fully licensed bar. Once the young man is clothed and refreshed he than take the short stroll upstairs and feast on some art in the Microzine gallery, which brings me nicely to the reason I was there.

Dotted on the walls between the hanging bubble chairs and the oh-so-cool T-shirts is the artwork from Burn. Burn is ‘an experienced award winning multi disciplinary design studio which offers a comprehensive creative service.’ What this means is they create designs for companies or ‘the implementation of corporate identities’, fashion labels, record labels, councils and universities. The collection they have created is impressive. Their work has an overall identity but individually they are strikingly different.

Burn utilise many different creative formats from photography to sketching and painting, which helps them to ooze cool. They work with the Arts Council England, Fact, Merseyside Police and Emperor Norton Records to name but a few. I highly recommend this exhibition, not only for it’s innovative use of multimedia graphics but also because you can buy some cool stuff and have a beer.

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