Bon Voyage

First Break Productions
Written by Richie Grice and Paul Nicholson, directed by Sylvie Gatrill
Unity Theatre Tuesday 26th – Saturday 30th September

Reviewed by Helen Grey

Call me a pessimist if you will, but when I read or hear about “community theatre” and people’s “first break” into acting, I usually get a sinking feeling in my stomach and think: “This production will probably be a bit rubbish.” I admit that’s exactly what I thought when I read the blurb on the programme about First Break Productions. The company ‘was formed in 1999 with the aim of bringing quality theatre to the local community and beyond’ and give to actors and writers their first break into the industry.

My lack of enthusiasm was unfounded because Bon Voyage made me laugh more than I think I ever had in a theatre. Bumper, Dazzler and Plonk are among the guests that gather to help Maggie and Lisa mourn the death of their beloved seafaring husband and father. As the day grows old – and the guests get progressively more intoxicated – the truth about how they all feel about each other come out, to hilarious results. I spent half the time laughing and the other half cringing because the cast manage to capture the Liverpool sense of humour perfectly. Maggie played by Lindzi Germain deserves special mention for her hilarious dance number. Admittedly the play is a little rough round the edges and no one outside of Merseyside would find it funny, but there are enough of us on Merseyside to make this play a great success.

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