Blade Runner: the Final Cut

Directed by Ridley Scott, written by Philip K. Dick (novel), Hampton Fancher, David Peoples
Until 4th December 2007

Reviewed by Colin Serjent

Despite being released twenty-five years ago, this amended version of Blade Runner is being shown to sell-out audiences at the FACT Centre.

This sci-fi epic has barely dated since that time; such was the majestic directorship of Ridley Scott, for whom this is his magnum opus.

This is the third version of the film, following Scott's Director's Cut in 1991. Through various CGI techniques, it has a fresher look to it, together with an enhanced musical score by Vangelis.

Not many films have such a breathtaking opening scene than Blade Runner, with hundreds of oil refineries and processing plants littering the landscape of Los Angeles. The closing scene, in which Roy (Rutger Hauer) prepares to die, is equally awesome.

The other 115 or so minutes sandwiched in between the two scenes are stupendous with a capital ‘s’.

A highly recommended book is 'The Making Of Blade Runner' by Paul M. Sammon, available from Orion publishers.

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