Bang Boy, Bang!

Written by Ed Roy, Directed by Michel Lefebvre
Unity Theatre (24-25th April 2007)

Reviewed by Helen Grey

I find it’s a rare occasion when a play lives up to its promotional material. Happily such an occasion happened last night at the Unity Theatre. ‘Bang Boy, Bang!’ is presented by Youtheatre, Montreal’s oldest professional English language theatre company, who boast, ‘Youtheatre’s aim is to engage its audience through compelling theatre, which provokes, questions challenges and entertains.’ Bang Boy, Bang achieves all these aims with a highly professional finish.

The play is about Rod Clark, a young man who has attacked a girl he likes at a party. The action is set the night after the party in Rod’s bedroom and follows his anguish as he realises the enormity of what he has done. Dustin Ruck superbly delivers this one-man show and his ability to communicate to the audience how the teenage boy feels is outstanding.

The production team of David Gaudier and Nicolas Basque have done a fantastic job of creating a set that incorporates video and sound without it overwhelming the actor. The play’s content is relevant to all of modern society, but the topic of date rape has been partially well debated in the schools that the production has toured. This play manages to present a difficult topic in a challenging and entertaining way and keeps the mind thinking long after the curtain call.

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