Detail of AutobiographobiaAutobiographobia

Laird Galbraith
Studio 55, Bluecoats Arts Centre (18th September - 27th November 2004)

Reviewed by Adam Ford

Off the beaten track, round the corner and up the stairs of the Bluecoat lies the studio of Laird Galbraith and his 'Autobiographobia' exhibition. Taking its name from Chekhov's 'horror of self-exposure', the work-in-progress examines and dissects the media images that bombard us on a daily basis. Galbraith takes fragments of these images and paints them into his works, gradually building a mosaic of modern life.

Posing questions about truth and identity, the paintings offer a kaleidoscope of colours, conveying the occasionally overwhelming variety and pace of our neon world. Against this dazzling backdrop he places the stars of the show - celebrities, public figures and 'ordinary' people caught in their own moments of private drama.

If you would like to be included in this project, you can submit almost any photo. Images can be taken from your own collection or a magazine - basically anything that catches your eye or means something to you. Alternatively, go along to Studio 55 and the artist will take your photo for you.

To submit pictures by email, contact: