Another Door

Ant Clausen
Artfinder Gallery, Queen Avenue (off Castle Street)
Until 28th June 2008
Wed-Fri (11am-6pm, Sat 10am-1pm)

Reviewed by Colin Serjent

This exhibition of photographs of rustic Italian doorways by New Zealand artist Ant Clausen is a special treat for anyone who loves beautiful colours and compelling textures.

It is difficult to describe particular favourites of mine because none of them are titled, but this does not detract from this being one of the most eye-catching photography exhibitions I have visited in the past few years.

The colour combinations are highly impressive in most of the pictures, with the strong sunlight and the resulting shadows cast on them accentuating this effect. The patterns and textures detailed in the often weather-beaten doors and the surrounding stonework around them are captured well by Clausen, who certainly has an eye for composition.

A door can be a powerful symbol in life, and as such, these pictures contain a degree of history and mystery. Who has passed through these doors in times past? What aspects of the drama of life have taken place inside the rooms that these doors lead into?

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