All Things Considered

The Kleos Theatre Company
Written by Daniel Barret and Laura Conway
Directed by Frances Masey-O’Neill
Unity Theatre (6th-8th June 2006)

Reviewed by Helen Grey

Nat is married to Michael but she can’t stand talking to him or bear to have him near her. Ben is dating Chloe but hasn’t been able to communicate with her as himself for weeks. Kate and James are in denial that there is more to their relationship than sex. Each of the three couples is given an invitation to an exclusive club by the mysterious and smooth Alex and Ryan. Within the walls of the club married people become single and names are changed in the pursuit of bodily pleasures.

‘All Things Considered’ follows the turbulence and the intensity of four relationships and asks the question: 'Is love’s language limited to kindness, intimacy and sex, or whether when all things considered love will be strengthened by the moments of anger, frustration and doubt?'

The production is finished to a professional standard and the interaction between the actors demonstrates their strong abilities. The successful use of minimalist props combines with an interesting and humorous script to produce an entertaining and thought-provoking play.

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